Adjustable for comfortable height.

Adjustable for comfortable height.

Desks in the Serie 901-B can be fitted with manual as well as electric height adjustment. This comfortable height adjustment facilitates optimal workplace arrangements in accordance with ergonomic principles. Screens allow both visual and acoustic separation of double workstations. An OfficeBox personal container near the workstation offers personal storage space and can be wheeled by means of a push-pull handle; depending on the office arrangement, these containers may be parked and kept in a central terminal.

Product examples

  1. OfficeBox OfficeBox 1
  2. Serie 901-Be Serie 901-Be 2
  3. Serie 901-B Serie 901-B 3
  1. 1 OfficeBox
  2. 2 Serie 901-Be
  3. 3 Serie 901-B
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