Tables that can be deployed at any time.

Tables that can be deployed at any time.

The FlipTable-TF mobile folding table with its flip-up top can be pushed to one side; a number of tables can be slid into each other to optimize space. This means there are tables in reserve ready for use. The PantoMove-Soft swivel chair completely upholstered and with infinite height-adjustability has been fitted with a dynamic seat surface to ensure alternating muscle groups are activated and invigorated to stimulate the blood flow. This is an ergonomic aid to powers of concentration.

Product examples

  1. PantoMove-Soft PantoMove-Soft 1
  2. FlipTable-TF FlipTable-TF 2
  1. 1 PantoMove-Soft
  2. 2 FlipTable-TF
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