Relaxing in the lounge area.

Relaxing in the lounge area.

The idea of the upholstered furniture in the Serie Lounge HiBack is that you can form an informal area out of a number of different basic elements; the right place for quiet breaks and free-and-easy discussions. The high-back elements in the Serie Lounge HiBack can also be combined as desired and can be integrated into the configurations. Thus the Serie Lounge HiBack allows planning variations right up to the more complex seating landscape. Circle segment elements can be arranged into closed off areas that are turned outwards – thus forming inviting lounge areas, e.g. for short coordinating chats.

Product examples

  1. Serie Lounge Serie Lounge 1
  2. Serie Lounge Serie Lounge 2
  1. 1 Serie Lounge
  2. 2 Serie Lounge
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