Floor-level learning

Bringing imagination and curiosity to life

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Up to the age of about twelve, children like to learn at floor level, whether lying on their fronts, sitting, crouching or kneeling. On the floor, they can intuitively change their body position in exactly the way they need whenever they want to. This continuous change of posture promotes the healthy development of the young body and allows children to remain attentive and concentrated throughout a long school day.

"Continuous changes of position of the sort that occur spontaneously when lying or sitting on a comfortable floor are valuable for complex physical and mental development processes," explains biomechanical researcher Dr. Dieter Breithecker. "They promote the sensory, neurological and muscular maturation process and trigger important molecular-biological processes. They therefore constitute an important pattern of behaviour that contributes to the healthy development of a child's physique."

The FloorFriends™ concept from VS Vereinigte Spezialmöbelfabriken responds to children's need to move. The various elements support floor-level learning and working in school. During periods of non-guided work or when concentrating on learning, children can simply make themselves comfortable on the floor. FloorFriends™ is therefore a solution that responds to children's natural learning behaviour, makes learning spaces even more versatile and reinforces self-organized forms of learning.