Mobile teacher's workplace in the classroom

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The traditional teacher's desk has turned into a mobile teacher's workplace. It can accompany and assist the teacher in every situation during his or her classroom activity. It therefore liberates teachers from their central position directly in front of the class. They can move around the classroom depending on the teaching situation and join various groups as required.

This is possible thanks to mobile teacher's tables such as Shift+ Base and RondoLift-KF. The work surface is large enough to accommodate a notebook and paper documents – but also small enough for the tables to be moved without difficulty.

These workplaces are also height-adjustable and the teacher can sit or stand at them as required As a result, teaching staff can change their posture ergonomically whenever they want.

These tables are ideally accompanied by the PantoMove-Soft/Plus star-foot chair, which has a height adjustment range that rises to stand-at table height. In this case, a foot ring ensures that the teacher can sit comfortably.

The Shift+ Landscape mobile shelf units can also be moved around the classroom as required and supply material for group work, for example.