The digital classroom

The future is now

To the overview

Digital media make a wealth of new teaching options available: They extend the spectrum of methodological and pedagogical possibilities available to teachers and give children individually tailored ways to actively get to grips with the classroom material.

Open forms of teaching, such as project work or learning workshops, are particularly suitable for the integration of digital media. These allow the students to work on their individual tasks independently. And during their work, they use digital devices for information and research, documentation and presentation. However, during project-oriented teaching phases, it is also necessary to perform research, discuss issues or document and present results.

Digital media support these phases of self-organized learning. They are one tool among others that is now integrated as a self-evident part of the school learning and working environment.

“VS – Das Systemhaus” is a specialist in integrating digital media in schools and teaching environments. As a premium partner to renowned manufacturers (Microsoft, SMART, Promethean and others), the company can offer the right solutions for every area of school application.

These form the basis for sophisticated digital learning space concepts that work supremely well. And that are ideally tailored to meet the needs of each individual school.