Multipurpose room

Now one thing, now another

To the overview

Small schools have no need of a large canteen. If space is short then the room may used for different things during the day.

Just how functional this type of multipurpose space actually is depends to a large extent on the furniture. It needs tables and chairs that are easy to combine and make it possible to create different configurations with no great effort.

Furniture such as the stackable LiteTable, for example. Despite its light weight, it is nevertheless extremely robust. Equipped with castors, it is easy to move and can be combined to form assemblies. And it is just as easy to stack the tables and move them to one side when the room has to be used for something else.

The Puzzle free-form table is another shining example of versatility. With its almost organic indentations it offers a large usable table surface. And if a single table reaches the limits of its capacity, others can simply be added to it. The table tops can be precisely matched up against one another.

The Compass-VF four-legged chair is a practical multipurpose element. Stacked in the corner, it provides a back-up store that can be used whenever extra chairs are needed.

The height-adjustable RondoLift-KF sitting and stand-at table can be moved wherever it is needed in the room. It can be used for lectures, for example.

The InteractivePilon interactive display or the wall-mounted MediaPro-II media rail can then also be used. However, when everyone sits down to eat together at lunchtime, these items in no way interfere with the atmosphere of wellbeing.