Staff room

Base station for the teaching staff

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For teachers, a day at school also means a full day's work. And what they need most of all is a space of their own where they can concentrate on completing all their work – a work room in the school.

As the “base station”, the staff room fulfils other functions. It should therefore be set up in a way that permits a range of uses. For example, with areas for relaxation and quiet communication. Finally, it also provides a place of withdrawal where teachers can catch their breath between demanding periods of teaching.

With differentiated areas for work and discussions, the staff room has the right furnishings for the multifaceted demands that arise during the teaching day: for informal team talks, for an exchange of opinions in small groups, for discussions involving all the teaching staff – as well as for individual work.

Last but not least, high-quality furniture and equipment show the teaching staff that their demanding work is truly appreciated. An atmosphere in which people feel at ease supports a team culture among the teaching staff.