Working together to find solutions

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When working in pairs with a partner, two students are given a task to work on together. When they do this, they can talk to one another about their prior knowledge, their different approaches to finding a solution or the mistakes they have made. And work together in the best possible way to achieve their aim.

Alongside the processing of the content and the support for communicative abilities that this brings, it also helps develop students' social skills. The students learn to consider and appreciate other people's points of view.

This type of working with a partner can easily be integrated in everyday teaching. With mobile tables, the partners can join one another quickly and easily.


Group work is a popular form of organization. In this learning environment, triangular tables have the advantage that they can be combined to form assemblies of almost any size. Because the tables are equipped with castors, even young students can move them without difficulty.

In the same way as when working with a partner, group work also imposes social demands. Everyone must take account of the other group members' viewpoints while nevertheless still getting their own ideas across. Only in this way is cooperative work possible. It involves not only content but also social education.