Uninterrupted power

ReCharge by VS permits the wireless charging of iPads

(Video: German with English subtitles)

It can be annoying if your iPad runs out of power right in the middle of a presentation. Or if your lesson has to be interrupted so that a student can move their desk close to the wall in order to connect the device to a power socket.

iPads are an aid during teaching – provided that the devices have a continuous power supply. That is why we developed the ReCharge by VS concept. This is a way of wirelessly charging the iPads at the students’ or teachers’ desk.


How ReCharge by VS works

A battery insert under the desktop supplies the power, which is inductively transmitted to the terminal device via the Qi module in the desktop. A marking on the desktop indicates the charging position for the iPad.

A special charging case, developed by us and certified by Apple, is also required. It is suitable for all seventh, eighth, and ninth generation iPads. It also protects the device.

When the battery power starts to run out it is then inserted into the ReCharge charging trolley along with the insert. The trolleys have a maximum of 24 or 36 charging stations.

After about six hours, the battery is fully charged again and is now able to supply the required power to an iPad three times.

Additional advantages of ReCharge by VS

  • The equipment is available for various VS students’ and teachers’ desks.
  • The ReCharge desk models are compatible with any desks of the same model that are already present.
  • Stackable desks can still be stacked when equipped with ReCharge. 
  • It is sufficient to have just one charging point in the room. The room does not have to be equipped with additional power sockets. 
  • The equipment remains mobile because the desks are not tied to any particular charging station.
  • Initially only a few ReCharge desks are required in each room and the students change desks as required. 
  • Desks can initially be purchased without battery insert, which can then be ordered as an accessory at a later date.
  • Existing desks with insertion option for Gratnells trays can be upgraded with the ReCharge capability using a retrofit kit.


Before – After

Above,  a classroom without and below, the same room with ReCharge by VS.


ReCharge by VS in use.