Shift+ Up and Leaf

Platforms and tent elements for floor-level learning


Learning spaces as design studios

Children learn best when they are free to move around the room and are able to shape it to meet their own needs.

This demands versatile furniture consisting of units that can be combined as required. In this way, it is possible to create learning niches or open areas for presentations, places for individual withdrawal or spaces for shared use. That is to say, exactly what children love and what they need to find at school.


The Leaf tent element

The Leaf element arches over the floor mat as if protecting it. This makes it possible to design large and small areas to withdraw in the room - sometimes open and airy with a good view of the outside, sometimes as a tent for group work, sometimes as a tunnel for playing or for peace and quiet.

One important consideration when developing our Leaf tent element was that it had to be easy to put up.

The solution: The tent elements are fixed to the magnetic catches of the floor mats using magnetic fastenings.

The wide side of the tent element fits exactly at the long edge of the mat and the point at the top can be clicked into the opposite edge of the mat.

Alternatively, the top can also be connected to the tent pole and tensioned. Or, using an individual connector, it can be fastened to any magnetic surface, for example at the metal backs of the Shift+ shelf elements.


The Shift+ Up platform


Shift+ Up is a platform and lightweight multipurpose unit all in one. It can be combined to form a variety of surfaces on up to two levels and used as a presentation element.

However the platform is also suitable for use as a seating island, a low table or as a table-bench combination.

This is where the reversible top comes into play: One side is non-slip and used for standing on, the other as a flat writing surface. If the element is used as a table, then Gratnells trays can also be included.

The many versatile ways in which the basic shapes can be combined can be seen below.

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