VS's systematic approach to sustainability

To the overview

To make our company's approach to sustainability even more transparent, to assess it more accurately and to improve it, we have developed a systematic corporate approach in the form of a sustainability pyramid. To do this, we have defined relevant corporate and product-related modules and assigned these to the different levels. 

VS sustainability pyramid

  • At the lowest level, there are the basic modules, followed by statistics and certificates. These are followed by standards relating to sustainability and then, at the apex of the pyramid, sustainability at VS. 
  • A descriptive fact sheet is stored for every module. This fact sheet contains detailed information on implementation as well as on responsibilities within the company and makes it clear how the individual modules are linked to one another. 
  • This provides us with an overview of all the relevant information to be taken into account in connection with sustainability in the company. It also makes it possible to evaluate new requirements quickly and in full within the overall context.