Personal storage




Toolbag providing a mobile, personal storage space. eddy can be worn over the shoulder using an adjustable shoulder strap or can be carried by hand.

Consisting of a robust plastic frame, a body made from a tough composite material and a felt or textile surface. Thanks to its suspension system, eddy can be docked to table tops or frames when it is not being used to carry tools. Thanks to the easy-to-swap clamp elements, it can be used with table top thicknesses of 13 to 25 mm. Externally it is equipped with an all-round elastic strap designed to hold documents, magazines or even a PC keyboard. The maximum permitted load is 5 kg.

Accessories: Optionally available with cover, clip for suspended files, internal bag, internal laptop bag, shoulder padding and personal label. Of the three possible internal inserts, two can be used at the same time. The internal laptop bag has space for laptops up to 15-inch. Corresponding Series 800 storage cabinets are also available for eddy.

The following material groups are available: Body made from composite material: V1,2,3.