Serie 800

Valuables-locker and eddy cabinets, 50 and 100 cm wide.

Serie 800

Element cabinet (for details, see table) in the height units 2, 3, 4 and 5 FH.

Type: Small-locker cabinet with fixed construction bases for vertical carcass divisions into 1 FH units. 58 cm deep models are suitable for storing the eddy toolbag.

Front consisting of single-wing doors in 1 FH without handles hung on the left or right.

Locking system optionally with cylinder or turn-knob locks.

Erection: Models from a height of 197 cm, must be secured to the wall or floor ( DGUV Regel 108-007 ).

The following material groups are available: Body and bases made of chipboard: L6; Front made of chipboard: L3; Front veneered: F1.

Serie 800
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