Container for teachers' workstations.


Modular cabinet system consisting of base and add-on cabinets for individual storage space.

Design consisting of glued bodies made from melamine-resin-coated chipboard with glued plastic edge.

Base cabinets for positioning on the left or right side of the workplace. With drawers or wing doors, each with bow handles, inset handles or lever handles, and with cylinder or turn knob locks. Optionally available with castors, 2 of which are lockable, or adjustable glide units. With a cover panel or prepared for an add-on cabinet.

Add-on cabinets for organization at the side of the workplace, with open compartments or with a flap, depending on the model. With perforated sheet back panel and a sheet metal side element with pen tray, both magnetic.

Combination with 76 cm-high tables from the TriTable-III and Cross ranges. Cover panels for base cabinets to match the table tops.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Body made of chipboard: L6; Front made of chipboard: L3; Perforated-plate: M1.

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