for wall or cabinet mounting Media rail with one board level.


Mounting on walls or Serie 800 special add-on cabinets. When wall-mounted, it is possible to compensate for slight wall unevenness of max. 13 mm.

System consisting of two aluminium profiles positioned above one another, equipped as standard with a hook strip and optionally with an integrated picture clamping strip. Lightweight boards can easily be inserted in and removed from the one-part profiled rail. As an option, a wall-mounted, writable base surface made from enamel steel can be inserted at the back (level 0). The end of the profile is closed with a tight-fitting plastic cap.

Boards can be used on both sides and are equipped with a fabric lining that is suitable for pins, an enamel steel surface with different rulings or a laminate coating. The wood-fibre board is equipped all-round with a moulded, shock-resistant polyurethane edge.

The following material groups are available: Writing surface made of steel: E1; Pinboard made of fabric: S72; Chipboard with writable laminate: L(white).

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