Multi-purpose tables


Cheek table in standing and sitting height.


Construction of two side-panel elements, a tabletop and a stable, centrally positioned double crosspiece, each made of laminate- or veneer-coated chipboard. Additional steel connecting fittings for increased stability. Both sides with glides. As a standing table, with two additional tubular steel footrests as standard.

Table height in 74 cm for sitting, in 106 cm for high sitting or 120 cm as standing table.

Electrification optional with metal cable outlet, built-in socket or a module for wireless charging of smartphones. In the centre of the table in a maximum of 3 possible positions.

Installation. Free-standing or wall-mounted or in combination with the M-Panel as a meeting point. For use in corridors or assembly halls, or in rooms with high security requirements, also with floor mounting.

The following material groups are available: Chipboard with laminate: L4; Top veneered: F1.