CPU accessories and stand-at desk.


CPU-holder for attachment of the CPU to the table side.

L-shaped grid of powder-coated steel rod. The holder is inserted into the functional gap between table top and frame. Further shelves can be hung onto it. The CPU is secured with a strap and quick-release fastener.

Hanging shelves are of melamine-resin laminated chipboard with glued-on plastic edges and rounded corners. Fitted with a bracket of powder-coated steel rod for hanging onto the CPU-holder and CPU-grid, for the upper and lower positions.

Stand-at desk for insertion into the functional gap between table top and frame. With a swivelable post of powder-coated steel tube as well as a working surface of melamine-resin laminated chipboard.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Frame made of steel tube: M(arctic); Top made of chipboard: L(black).

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