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Serie 2000

Typ S. Screen for Serie 901.

Serie 2000

System consists of a hang-in element (suspended).

Construction is based on a four-sided frame of aluminium profile and a filling element. The sides have a vertical optical and functional groove as well as an integrated but removable U-shaped plastic strip for linking two privacy screens without using tools.

Filling element 1. Melamine-resin laminated chipboard. 2. From a lightweight top with fabric covering. 3. A melamine-resin laminated sound-absorbing panel with slits. 4. A translucent double-ribbed board.

Supporting element is the cross-member of Serie 901 tables.

Please note: When hanging accessories into the functional groove, the maximum loading must be observed (see table). Serie 2000 elements can only be combined with rectangular table tops.

The following material groups are available: Frame made of aluminum: M(anodisé); Writing surface made of steel: E020; Fabric cover: S46,52,74,78,79,80; Acoustic front made of chipboard: L10; Front made of chipboard: L6.

Serie 2000