Serie 800

Serie 800

Preliminary remark – carcass construction.

Serie 800

Series 800 element cabinets are supplied fully glued or disassembled, with eccentric connectors. The row of holes (dia. 3 mm) at a grid distance of 25 mm can be used right through.

Shelf carriers (load class L75) are screwed into standard-equipped cabinets [1] and screwed and inserted into individually equipped cabinets [2] .

Adjustable shelf inserts [3] made from chipboard (up to a width of 80 cm), MFB board (width 40 - 120 cm) and sheet steel (width 80 - 120 cm) have a concealed mounting for the shelf carriers.

Vertical carcass structures are fashioned by glued and, in the case of disassembled cabinets, by construction shelves [4] with eccentric connectors.

Horizontal carcass structures are fashioned by middle partitions flush with the carcass [5] or set back [6] . These are glued or, in the case of disassembled cabinets, equipped with eccentric connectors. Middle partitions flush with the carcass permit the use of separately closing single swing doors. Set-back partitions are combined with double swing doors.

Bases are a structural component of the carcass construction made from chipboard [7] or are positioned as a steel base [8] at the height of 75 mm below the carcass. Both base types have precision height adjustment by means of an Allen key [9] through the bottom shelf. The chipboard base can be fitted with a base cover strip flush with the front/door [10] . Base recesses [11] on the back are possible in the case of floor strips.

Wardrobe and washbasin cabinets are provided with plastic ventilation outlets on the top and bottom edges of the door.

Erection: Models from a height of 197 cm or models with drawers and/or pullouts (DGUV Regel 108-007) must be secured to the wall or floor.

Serie 800