Shelf system. Build-in parts.


The build-in parts are positioned in the rows of holes in the beechwood frames. The following parts can be retrofitted if required.

Shelves of chipboard, each with glued-on (BU) beech edge at the front and a beech profile at the back. The underside of the shelves are fitted with a groove for hanging book ends. Depending on the version, there are a choice of book, top, reading, corner, magazine and illuminated shelves.

The illuminated element is fitted with a 20 watt fluorescent tube.

The small parts such as terminating hoop are inserted into the rows of holes in the sides, the hanging book ends are positioned in the grooves underneath the shelves. Both parts are made from dark-grey (RAL 7021) round steel rod. The self-adhesive labelling strip is positioned on the front edge of the bookshelf.

Catalogue cards in international library format with round or flat perforations. White cardboard with top strip.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Frame made of wood: H(natural); Bases made of chipboard: L(grey white).

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