Teachers’ desks


Media teacher’s workstation with storage space.


Workstation consisting of a side substructure, a rear substructure and a table top with a generously dimensioned cable flap.

Carcass, cheek and table top made of melamine-resin-coated chipboard with glued-on plastic edge.

Side substructure (left or right) consisting of a carcass with material pull-out and CPU storage space behind a lockable swing door. Fitted on the side with a sliding panel for free access to the CPU cabling. A sliding table-top segments permits access from above to further storage space (e.g. for a document camera).

Rear substructure with a lockable swing door consisting of a cable compartment for spare cable and hardware peripherals. The compartment is accessible from above through the cable flap in the table top (see below). Further storage space at the bottom; fitted with an adjustable shelf insert and brackets for cable routing. Carcass with sheet-steel legs.

Table top comprising three segments. Sliding part on the side for access from above to the substructure. Cable flap at the rear (rear substructure) and worktop on the user side. Table top with a frame of half-oval steel tube.

Equipment. Optionally with monitor holder „Flo“.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Frame made of steel: M1; Body and front made of chipboard: L4; Cheek made of chipboard: L6.

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