Group K1

Cork linoleum:

K082 gray (Bulletin Board 2204). Manufacturer: Forbo.

Cork linoleum:

Bulletin Board is made from natural raw materials. The combination of linseed oil, resins, cork and colour pigments gives the product flexibility and elasticity as well as remarkable durability. It is a functional coding material that is ideal for use on pinboards, boards and desks. Because not only is it durable, colourfast and easy to clean; it is also so elastic that drawing pins and pinboard tacks leave no visible marks.

Cleaning: The surface can be wiped clean of loose dirt, building dust, fingerprints and marks caused during mounting using soft cleaning fabrics and a neutral cleaning agent (diluted as per the manufacturer's specifications) or by wiping with a moist cloth. Any persistent dirt should be removed using a pH-neutral cleaning agent applied to a soft cleaning fabric.

Warning: Material and colour patterns in printed documentation may differ slightly from the original and the indicated colours are not binding. The same applies to inkjet or laser print-outs of PDF files.