Cleaning and care instructions

Cleaning and maintaining

artificial leather.

Cleaning and maintaining

Note on COVID-19: Despite the COVID pandemic, the Robert-Koch Institute (RKI) does not recommend the routine disinfection of surfaces in domestic and public areas, including that of frequent contact surfaces. Appropriate cleaning is the preferred approach.

General information: Marks on artificial leather coverings are easiest to eliminate directly after they arise.

Standard maintenance: Artificial leathers can be cleaned using commercially available detergent in a watery solution. Use luke-warm water and a soft brush. After cleaning, rinse well with clean water and dry with a cloth. It is important not to rub hard.

Care products If you use special care products, test these on a concealed spot before use in order to prevent any damage. In the case of artificial leathers, you can achieve perfect cleaning results with special artificial leather cleaners, e.g. “Ferrari Cleaner 500”

Caution: Under no circumstances should you use alcohol, petrol or abrasive cleaning agents!