Cleaning and care instructions

Care instructions for chairs

with gas lift height adjustment for VS.

Care instructions for chairs

In order to be able to permanently guarantee the rotatability and height adjustability of the chairs via the gas spring, there must be a light film of lubricant on the surface of the inner tube of the gas spring. This film is necessary for the function and must not be removed. It may appear as a light ring on the surface after the seat height has been adjusted several times.

If this film has nevertheless been removed by cleaning work, it must be restored with the lubricant from VS (article number 50-499-51). No other lubricant may be used here under any circumstances.


  • Move the chair to the uppermost position

  • Apply the lubricant to the surface of the inner tube of the gas spring.

  • Amount: approx. the size of a pea

Spread the lubricant in a ring on the surface:

  • with a clean cloth

  • with a brush

  • with a finger

  • Final even distribution of the lubricant by retracting the gas spring with a rotary motion