General Terms and Conditions of Business for Cooperation with Service Providers

Version: 10.11.2020

These Instructions apply to service providers (Contractors) which perform activities in our company, VS Vereinigte Spezialmöbelfabriken GmbH & Co. KG (referred to as the Client or VS below). Such activities include construction, assembly and maintenance work, among other things. The General Terms and Conditions of Business for Cooperation with Service Providers form part of the order. Applicable statutory provisions and the regulations of the accident insurers, as well as the Terms and Conditions of Business for Cooperation with Service Providers, are binding and must be observed.

VS places great value on occupational safety, environmental protection and the efficient use of energy. The applicable regulations and instructions must be adhered to! A responsible VS employee will be designated to support the work activities on the company site. It is necessary to enter into contact with this VS employee prior to the start of the work in order to coordinate the work and to conduct joint discussions in order to determine and evaluate possible risks. The responsible VS employee has the authority to issue instructions regarding occupational safety and fire and environmental protection. The service provider’s managers and employees will ensure that these instructions and regulations are adhered to. The service provider’s managers are responsible for ensuring that the work is conducted in accordance with instructions and regulations and for providing the necessary protective equipment.

1. Service provider’s personnel

The service provider’s personnel must be suitable for the tasks entrusted to them and must be instructed in the work to be performed. Persons who violate our company’s occupational safety and accident prevention regulations or who fail to adhere to these may be excluded from the premises and must be replaced by the Contractor.

2. Subcontractors

If subcontractors are called on to perform work then the Client must be informed of this in advance. The use of subcontractors can be refused by the Client. The use of subcontractors must be agreed to by VS. Subcontractors are subject to the same rules as service providers. 

3. Company site

Presence on the company site is permitted only in areas that are directly relevant for the work that is to be carried out. The service provider’s employees must sign in when entering the company site and sign out when leaving it.  Presence on the company site is permitted only with a service provider ID. Photos, video and audio recordings are prohibited throughout the entire site.

4. Naked flames

Naked flames are prohibited everywhere on the VS site. If they should be required then a welding authorization must be obtained from the company fire service.

5. Smoking

Smoking on the site is permitted only in the designated areas.

6. Hazardous substances

When handling or working with hazardous substances, it is necessary to observe the corresponding safety data sheets. These substances may only be used for the defined purpose. They must be used sparingly. Under no circumstances may they enter the drainage system.

7. Operating equipment, data media

Operating equipment used by the service provider must comply with legal requirements. The use of VS’s operating equipment is permitted only after presentation of acceptable certifications and with the express authorization of the responsible VS employee.

Before external data media are used on VS systems/equipment, it is essential for the responsible VS employee to perform a full virus check.

8. Electrical systems

Work at electrical systems may only be performed by VS’s electrical staff. In exceptional cases and subject to the prior express agreement of the WIV-E Team Head, service providers may be permitted to perform such work.

9. Safety equipment

The manipulation of safety equipment is prohibited! In exceptional cases and subject to the prior express agreement of one of the WIV-E/WIV-H/WIV-M Team Heads, service providers may be permitted to perform such operations.

10. Escape and rescue routes

Before starting work, inform yourself about the escape and rescue routes as well as the emergency equipment. In the event of a dangerous situation, an alarm is sounded by means of sirens. If the siren sounds, leave the building immediately and go to the assembly point (see situation diagram).

11. Emergencies

In the event of an emergency, you can call the emergency coordination centre on 


  • Please note your location in the building and the department.
  • Caution: Always designate a person to guide the rescue service!
  • In the event of an accident at work, the responsible VS employee must always be informed.

The personnel designated by the service provider will be instructed on-site by the responsible VS employee. Adherence to the topics of instruction must be confirmed by the service provider’s personnel and documented in writing. 

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