• Flexible Learning Spaces

    Here we show you new furniture and room ideas.
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  • Classroom of the future

    Flexible, unconventional, highly ergonomic

    In such a space learning is a pleasure – today and tomorrow.


    • JUMPER Air Move, height-adjustable star-foot chair
    • Shift+ Base, student's desk
    • Serie 800, cabinets and shelves
  • Classroom – designed for digital

    From analog to digital

    The classroom of tomorrow already exists today: See how intelligent digitalisation contributes to teaching and learning.

    Furniture and media:

    • TopPilon-VI with InteractivePilon, dDouble-pylon folding panel with six writing surfaces, 84" wall-mounted, height-adjustable display
    • PantoMove-LuPo, star-foot chair
    • TriTable-III, triangular table
    • MediaBox, teacher's media workplace with storage space
    • RondoLift-KF, height-adjustable sitting and stand-at table
    • Shift+ Landscape, cabinet with doors for specialist rooms, mobile
  • The digital classroom

    Everything as it should be

    Digital solutions work best when they are individually planned. Only then, can they open up new teaching horizons.

    Furniture and media:

    • VS-S 84“, interactive display
    • TriUnion, triangular stand-at table, h = 106 cm
    • NF-Move Plus, height-adjustable star-foot chair
    • Shift+ Landscape, cabinet with doors for specialist rooms, mobile
    • Paraproject, charging, transport and storage case for tablets
  • Learning workshop

    Designing learning spaces means designing for communication. Every environment influences the interactions that take place within it.

    Furniture and media:

    • MediaPro-II, media rail with boards
    • UnoBean, skid table
    • PantoSwing-LuPo, forward-sprung cantilever chair
    • Shift+ Base, semi-circular table
    • Serie 2000-P, screen, standalone item
    • Serie 800, cabinets and shelves with property boxes
  • Market place

    Centre for learning groups

    Every school is a microcosm - a miniature world in its own right. Just like a marketplace is the heart of the town - as the centre of activity and experience - the marketplace as a concept brings a similar inspiration and impetus to the school.

    In this context, the marketplace becomes the shared heart of a learning community. It can be used by everyone at the same time and across groups. It allows classes to gather together, whilst promoting a sense of community.

    Furniture and media:

    • Shift+ Base, student's desk
    • Shift+ Base, group table, folding
    • Shift+ Base, teacher's desk, in two fixed heights or continuously height-adjustable
    • Hokki, active stool
    • Shift+ Landscape, seat module
    • VS-S-84“, interactive display
  • Discover floor-level learning

    Learn playfully

    Children under the age of 12 generally like to work on the floor. Here they can change their body position, moving freely in ways that feel more natural to them. The FloorFriends concept has been designed to encourage concentrated floor-level learning.


    • Gugl, stackable cylindrical table
    • FloorFriends®, seating surfaces, carpets and back support roles
    • Shift+ Landscape, mobile shelving
    • PantoSwing-LuPo, forward-sprung cantilever chair
    • Hokki, active stool
    • Shift+ Base, teacher's desk, in two fixed heights or continuously height-adjustable
    • Shift+ Base, group table
  • Learning office

    Silence please

    A place for concentrated work, together with immediately accessible storage space. In other words: A modern student's workplace.


    • PantoMove-LuPo, student's swivel chair
    • Cross, rectangular table
    • LearnBox, cabinet
  • Staff room

    Base station for the teaching staff

    The teachers' working day also benefits from an inspiring environment. In the coming pages, we place the focus on staff rooms.

    The staff room is the starting point for the day - the school cannot function without it. Teaching teams needs a shared space where everyone can meet and use as a base for joint work. A space to look in on, share experiences, make fresh plans, discuss thoughts, or perhaps even celebrate an event or special occasion.


    • RondoLift-ST, height-adjustable sit- ting and stand-at table
    • Serie 901, rectangular table with square base and U-shaped bow
    • Stratos S5, swivel chair
    • NF-Swing, forward-sprung cantilever chair
    • Serie 800, combination cabinets and combination shelving eddy cabinet
    • eddy, toolbag
  • Canteen/cafeteria

    The social hub

    A break-time snack isn't really sufficient to get through a long day at school. By lunchtime, everyone needs to properly refuel – an inviting canteen is exactly the right place. Regrettably, our services don't extend to cooking a healthy and tasty lunch. However, VS furniture will always ensure a pleasant atmosphere in which to eat it!


    • NF-Compass, four-legged chair
    • EuroLine-K, individual table, square
    • Hokki, active stool
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