Multi-purpose tables

RondoSit-R, RondoStand-R, RondoLift-R

Table in fixed sitting and standing height or height-adjustable. With round tube column and round plate base.

RondoSit-R, RondoStand-R, RondoLift-R

Frame consisting of a round central column and a round disc base, with plastic or felt glides, each powder-coated. In sitting or standing height as well as height-adjustable with integrated gas spring. This is protected against unintentional release of the gas spring.

Table height fixed or infinitely adjustable (see table).

Table top made of melamine resin, laminate or veneer-coated chipboard with glued-on plastic or wooden edge or high-strength HPL solid core board.

The following material groups are available: Frame made of steel tube: M2; Top made of chipboard: L6; Chipboard with laminate: L2; Top veneered: F1; HPL-top: L4,(white writable).

RondoSit-R, RondoStand-R, RondoLift-R