• Smart Office and Co-Working
    Inspirations from our

  • Co-Creation by VS

    For us, Co-Creation means working together directly with our customers and partners to develop precisely the furniture and concepts that meet their needs.

    The solutions we provide to our customers are therefore always different – with selected materials, technical details tailored to meet each company’s specific needs, functional features. And therefore also very special.

  • Welcome

    First impressions are crucial. This applies to people as much as it does to companies. If employees, partners and customers are welcomed in an inviting way when they arrive then they will remain motivated throughout the day.


    • Hokki+, height-adjustable active stool 50 to 68 cm
    • Boomerang Chair, Neutra by VS series
    • Low Organic Table, Neutra by VS series
    • ScreenPlus wardrobe
    • Panel-ended table from construction beech as reception desk
  • Check-in

    Nowadays, many employees do not come to the office every day. And do not need the same workplace every day. At the digital booking system in the check-in area, you can reserve the temporary workplace you require or book a conference room.


    • PCAP touchscreen, 65"
    • TriUnion 88 cm, triangular mobile stand-at table
    • Hokki+, height-adjustable active stool 50 to 68 cm
    • eddy toolbag, the personal storage space that goes everywhere with you
    • eddyLockin, personalized locker cabinet
  • Teamspace

    Good ideas need the right space if they are to thrive – these spaces are less restrained but warmer and more welcoming and encourage cooperation in a pleasant atmosphere.


    • justBe desks
    • justBe sideboard
    • justBe ottomans
    • Multipurpose chair Egon Eiermann SE 68
  • Makerspace

    Our Makerspace inspires creative minds and gives them all the freedom they need – to gather ideas and then immediately push them even further, to think in new ways and have the courage to innovate. Co-Working becomes Co-Creation!


    • TriUnion, triangular table
    • Hokki+, wobbling chair, height-adjustable
    • Shift+ Landscape Gugl, stackable barrel-shaped table with lid
    • Q-Bus Meetingbox – ScreenPlus, wardrobe
    • justBe sideboards
    • PCAP Touchscreen 65"
  • Workspace

    What makes this office space special? This temporary workplace is integrated in our smart office study.

    Controlled by the app on your smartphone, the table automatically moves to its preset position. The chair can also be adjusted to the ergonomically optimum height in the same way. If you want, the app will regularly remind you to take a break and get some exercise.

    The biodynamic lamp that is connected to the workplace optimally illuminates the table and the space – around the clock and in a way adapted to your own bio-curve.


    • Lounge Vis-à-vis, HiBack upholstered element with table and integrated monitor 32"
    • Serie 910 Twin, height-adjustable twin workplace
    • PantoMove Soft, height-adjustable star-foot swivel chair
    • OfficeBox, mobile storage container with folding bow handle
    • eddy toolbag, the personal storage space that goes everywhere with you
    • ScreenPlus wardrobe
    • ScreenPlus screens
  • Think Tank

    Even open space offices need quiet areas free from disturbance. We have the perfect solution: Just step into our Meetingbox!

    This room-in-room system is also available in other formats, for example as phone or dialogue box. All of them offer outstanding acoustic performance and ventilation.


    • Q-Bus Meeting-Box NF-Move Plus, height-adjustable star-foot chair with foot ring
    • TriUnion 106 cm, triangular mobile stand-at table
    • Lounge LowBack seating element
    • Lounge occasional table
    • Shift+ Landscape Gugl, stackable barrel-shaped table with lid
  • Work Lounge

    People are social beings. Even while working, they need to interact with one another. And occasionally they need the chance to withdraw. And our Work Lounge is the perfect place to do this. Just sit down on one of the comfortable sofas or armchairs to come to your decisions in a small group over a cup of coffee or to think things through in peace and quiet.


    • Alpha Seating Triple, Neutra by VS series
    • Open shelving (study)
  • Worklounge, Meeting

    The panel-ended table is an inviting place for informal or spontaneous discussions. With a smile on our faces, we have matched it with our skid chair. We believe that it is perfect for life-long learning.


    • Construction beech panel-ended table as meeting bench
    • Classic, wooden skid chair
    • ScreenPlus wardrobe
    • Serie 800 low cabinet with acoustically effective rear panel
    • ScreenPlus screens
  • Contact

    If you are interested in our concepts and furniture, we would be delighted to advise you.

    Your contact person:
    Bernd Amon, kam@vs-moebel.de, +49 (0) 9341 88-669