Ergonomics and functionality.

Ergonomics and functionality.

With electric height adjustment of 65 cm up to 125 cm, Serie 1000 allows comfortable switching from sitting to standing workstation positions. Monitor arms and luminaires are incorporated via adapters, the desktop remains free of clutter. An electrification flap offers simple power and data connections. By pushing back the desktop (possible in cases of full installation), the cable trough for IT administration is accessible. Acoustic screens in the Screen 1000 with soundabsorbent surfaces divide the two-person workstations.

Product examples

  1. Serie 500 Serie 500 1
  2. Screen 1000 Screen 1000 2
  3. Serie 1000 Serie 1000 3
  1. 1 Serie 500
  2. 2 Screen 1000
  3. 3 Serie 1000
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