Modern Working.

Modern Working.

The Serie 901-Bench, a highly functional item in the Serie 901 office furniture system, is a compact, modern work solution. It offers shared workstations that expand office facilities and can be used as required. Multi-functional running rails make workplaces easy to organize, a cable trough that can be flipped open makes electrification simple. The mobile OfficeBox container has personal storage space. PantoMove-VF swivel chairs have infinite height adjustment.

Product examples

  1. OfficeBox OfficeBox 1
  2. Serie 901-Bench Serie 901-Bench 2
  3. PantoMove-VF PantoMove-VF 3
  1. 1 OfficeBox
  2. 2 Serie 901-Bench
  3. 3 PantoMove-VF
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