Serie 910-DFe, DFm

Serie 910-DFm

Manually height-adjustable desk with C-foot and function rail.

Serie 910-DFm

Design in accordance with DIN EN 527-1 type A/D consisting of an asymmetrically positioned tubular steel cross-piece and welded brackets.

Substructure consisting of two C-type feet made from powder-coated metal with square uprights and skids with angular ends. Winding handle for height adjustment with single-stage telescoping uprights for sitting/sitting and two telescoping uprights for sitting/standing work tables.

Table top made from melamine-resin-coated or veneered chipboard or a solid HPL top. The edges may be straight or rounded on the user side. With sliding top as standard.

Electrical connection (optional) by means of a folding metal cable tray or textile tray that folds down on both sides. It is possible to choose between a flexible textile cable hose and a round or rectangular cable chain.

Function rail consisting of a flush aluminium profile that faces away from the user and is used for the mounting of accessories. This can be positioned across the entire width of the table and can be cabled to the table top via a brush strip.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Frame made of steel tube: M2; Top made of chipboard, HPL: L6; Top made of linoleum: L8; Top veneered: F1.

Serie 910-DFm