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Mobile cabinet elements.

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Structure of glued linear carcasses on a steel cross-member with 4 technical castors, 2 of which are lockable. Optional with 4 adjustable feets. Optional with 4 adjustable feets.

Carcass made of melamine-resin-coated chipboards with glued-on plastic edge. With glued, 2/3-height centre walls for partitioning the carcasses in the lower area. With rows of holes (25 mm) for adjustable shelf inserts and a perforated-plate back panel. With a locker on the left or right side.

Front consisting of a single-wing door with bow-type handle, inset-type handle or handle knob.

Locking system optionally with cylinder or turn-knob locks.

Function: With magnets (optional) on the outer sides for docking further cabinet elements.

Push-handles (optional) made of steel on the top of the carcass.

The following material groups are available: Body made of chipboard: L4; Front made of chipboard: L4,(orange, light blue, light green); Perforated-plate: M1.

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