Wall boards


Sliding board with five writing surfaces.


Sliding frame with extruded surround, aluminium profiles with natural anodized finish and chipboard front cover. Counterweights made from steel or plastic, lightweight, low-noise and maintenance-free, travelling in body. The board surface can be moved vertically.

Installation. Wall (A) or floor-mounted (B), free-standing (C) or mobile (D).

Board surfaces made from steel sheet, held in frame without screws, with rounded aluminium profiles and safety corners. Chalk strip and wiper holder on main surface (F3) and dirt collection channel on the two wings (F1, F2/F4, F5) made from aluminium with natural anodized finish and with side safety caps.

Accessories. Wall-mounted projection surface. Model 66600 ptionally with insertable matte glass wing.

The following material groups are available: Frame made of aluminium: M(anodisé); Writing surface made of steel: E1.

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