Cleaning and care instructions

Cleaning and maintaining

melamine resin-coated surfaces, such as chipboard panels, LIGNOdur, HPL boards, CDF, MDF or chip-plywood boards.

Cleaning and maintaining

Note on COVID-19: Despite the COVID pandemic, the Robert-Koch Institute (RKI) does not recommend the routine disinfection of surfaces in domestic and public areas, including that of frequent contact surfaces. Appropriate cleaning is the preferred approach.

General information: Melamine resin-coated furniture surfaces do not require intensive cleaning since the non-porous surface ensures simple maintenance. Clean off minor soiling with a moderately damp cloth or sponge and remove more stubborn dirt with a little water and a gentle cleaning agent or suds. Quickly remove all excess water with a cloth or sponge. Then wipe wooden edges with dry rags.

Do not use any aggressive and/or abrasive cleaning materials. These can damage the surface.

Only use cleaning cloths or rags or natural or synthetic sponges for cleaning . Do not use any synthetic cleaning pads, microfibre cloths or steel wool.

Adhering limescale deposits/stains can be eliminated with a warm 10% vinegar or citric acid solution. Then wipe over again with clean, warm water.

If possible, remove any marks made by ball pens, felt pens, marker pens etc. before they dry in.

Arrange for a specialist to remove any heavy-duty or difficult-to-remove stains due, for example, to lacquers, adhesives, spray paints or dried-in marks left by ball-point pens, felt pens or board markers. You are advised to contact the VS Service department directly.